Torque Wrench


Known For Getting The Job Done Right
The First Time.

Your reputation depends on your ability to deliver precise results. Snap-on offers the largest selection of torque
tools available, providing the accuracy you need to turn more fasteners and tighten them to spec.

Torque In Less Time.
• TechAngle®—Electronic torque wrench does the job of multiple torque wrenches and an angle gauge to complete precise “torque to yield” specifications. Angle calculation is based on the same gyroscope technology that keeps helicopters flying level.
• Techwrench®—Hand tool that revolutionized the industry. Electronic easy-to-use push button tool that precisely measures torque applied to the fastener.
Measures ft. lbs., in. lbs. and Nm.
• Click-type torque wrenches—Provide consistently accurate readings and rugged, trouble-free performance.