TM Series Torque Multiplier


• Lightweight Titanium Gear Case – Offers 30% weight savings than standard steel gear casing
• Two Speed Gear Shift – More versitility and higher torque range
• High Quality Gears – For longer operating life expectancy between repairs
• Ergo Over Molded Grip – more comfort on the hand
• Integrated swivel joint between drive and gear case – Insures reaction-free operation over the entire bolting cycle
• Fine Pressure Control for torque pre-selection – Ultimate control
• No lateral or impact forces transmitted from tool to user – No sparks from the bolts and less vibration on the user than impact wrenches

Petroleum Processing

• Heat Exchanger
• Expander
• Preventer
• Converter
Blast Furnace Plants, Steel Works, Hot Rolling
• Pipe Construction, Flanges
• Pipe Welding Machine
• Blast Furnace Tongues
Non-Ferrous Metal Works
• Pipe Construction, Flanges
• Feed Pumps
Steeldrawing Plants and Cold Rolling Mills
• Rolling Mills
• Pipe Welding Tracks
Steel and Lightweight Metal Construction
• Bridge Construction
• Hall Construction
• Steel Girders
• Temporary Bridges
• Tower Crane
• Ship Deck Crane
Steelwork, Rolling Mill Equipment, Mining and Large Equipment
• Coking Plant
• Shovel Dozer
• Heading and Cutting Machine for Tunnels
• Crawler Mounted Excavator
• Hydraulic Excavator
• Crawler Type Undercarriages
• Crawler Mounted Crane
• Conveyor Systems
• Drawn up Cranes
• Crushers