Power. Speed. Finesse.
Snap-on® Instinct® screwdrivers offer a unique
combination of power, comfort and versatility in the most basic of hand tools.
• Multi-faceted design—Precision section cuts that give you the power, speed or fi nesse you want intuitively.
• Inner core—Maximizes torque between the handle and the blade.
• Middle layer—Tough, brightly-colored material provides impact and solvent resistance.
• Outer layer—Textured material gives you grip, comfort and torque—even in the greasiest shop environments.
• Hard or soft grip handle design—Choose from an ultra-comfortable soft grip or a grease-resistant hard grip.
• Five tip types—Snap-on screwdrivers are available in fi ve different tips so you can handle all fastener types.

It’s All About The Details.
Snap-on screwdrivers are built with exclusive features that give you superior durability and performance.
• Trans-Drive™—This unique ratcheting mechanism uses an advanced pawl design based on transmission ring gear principles to deliver outstanding power and torque.
• Shanks—Round shanks are made from a special alloy steel with fewer impurities to prevent chipping.