Designed To Last A Lifetime.
Snap-on® ratchets perform day after day, year after year, generation after generation.
• Highest quality materials—Each ratchet is built with our proprietary alloy steel and precision-crafted gears, springs and pawls.
• Sealed mechanism—Ratchet heads are 100% sealed to protect gears from debris and liquids that cut into the tool life of lesser ratchets.
• Tested under extreme conditions—Snap-on ratchets are put through rigorous testing to perform in the real world.

The Ultimate System.
Snap-on ratchets and sockets are synonymous with productivity. They get into the tightest spots—and work with the shortest swing arc.
• Lowest combined height—Combined with Snap-on sockets, our ratcheting systems have the lowest profi le in the industry giving you better access to restricted areas.
• Dual 80® Technology—Dual pawls and an 80 tooth gear provide more power in less lateral space.
• Variety—Snap-on offers a wide range of ratchets including fl ex-head, long handle, swivel head, palm ratchets and more.