Built For Performance.
Each Snap-on® extension is constructed from a high-performance alloy-steel blend and finished with corrosion-resistant nickel-chrome plating. But it’s what happens in the middle that makes them truly special.
• Cold formed—Each piece is precision extruded and cold formed, using the metal’s grain structure to maximize strength.
• Knurled shaft—The knurled area on some extensions allows for finger control when starting or removing fasteners.
• Chamfered and trued drive ends—Provide easy and secure engagement for superior performance.


Enhanced Accessibility.
Snap-on incorporates smart features into extensions that allow you more accessibility than ever before.
• Wobble engagement—Provides additional accessibility.
• Smallest diameter shank—Allows access into tighter spaces, while still maintaining maximum strength.
• Specialty extensions—Snap-on gives you more options with award-winning variable-length extensions, non-conductive extensions for electrical applications and more.