Electronic Torque Testers – QC1ETT50


Designed to be a sturdy, low cost tester, these electronic torque testers can be placed on the wall in the factory or on a bench to allow operators to test torque wrenches or power tools without having to leave their station.
• Integral transducer and sturdy housing allow mounting in virtually any position
• Integral transducer: Full bridge strain gauge, 350 ohms, 1500 μE, 3mV/V F.S., 3.75V excitation
• Unique neck design allows operator to see display when testing long torque wrenches
• Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading ±1 count in the least significant digit (10% to 100% of full range) at 25° C
• Display accuracy: 4 digits, 9,999 counts
• Stability: +0.044% per °C
• Track and peak modes
• Can be used with non-impacting power tools (joint rate simulators required)
• Dual scale (English/N•m or English/dN•m)
• Auto/manual display reset
• Reads bi-directional (clockwise and counterclockwise)
• Uses rechargeable NiCad batteries. Charger included
• All testers include power adaptor cord, socket adaptor (internal to internal) and PB1ETT storage case