Air Tools


It’s About Making The Best Tool.
And Then Making It Better.

For decades, Snap-on has built a reputation for lightweight, ergonomic tools that combine power and unmatched durability.
• Snap-on delivers tools that help you finish the job, not stand in the way of it.
• Snap-on has taken air to a new level by fitting heavy duty components into smaller places, giving you more power without more weight.

Unsurpassed Power And Speed.
Big torque and speed come from innovation—inside and out.
• Twin hammer impact mechanisms—Unique hammer design results in more power per blow.
• 8-vane rotors—More vanes in the rotor mean smoother power transfer to the impact hammers and less power lost in the motor.

Making Your Job Easier.
Really, this is what it’s all about; air tools with features to make everyday tasks simpler.
• Better balance—For more user control.
• Compact nose design—Allows easy access into tight spaces.

Snap-on® air tools feature heavy duty components made to resist the everyday wear and tear of the shop.
• One-piece magnesium housings—Keeps internal components in better alignment. Magnesium is incredibly tough and lightweight.
• Oil-bath lubrication—Unique technology keeps internal components continuously lubricated for smooth operation and longer tool life.

Ergonomic Design.
Snap-on power tools are designed to work comfortably and feel natural.
• Reduced vibration—Smooth-fl owing motors and shock absorption reduce the stress from vibration.
• Tip-valve trigger—For an intuitive fl ow of power from the user to the tool.
• Comfort grips—Over-molded, cushion grips further absorb shock and take the strain out of repetitive use.